Comparing Real Estate Agent VS Investors

Comparing Real Estate Agent VS Investors

The truth is, there are a lot of different reasons why people buy with cash. Some may be looking to avoid the waiting game that can sometimes come along with working with bank financing; others might not want to risk having their offer rejected and being outbid by another buyer if they're using an agent who needs approval from a lending institution for funding.

Some buyers also choose this method because it means they don't need to have any sort of documentation or credit history in order to purchase the property--a big plus for those who live outside of the country and do not intend on living here permanently after buying.

There are no fees or commissions that come with a cash purchase. You will not have to pay any brokers' fees or home inspection costs, and it is quick! A buyer can close on a home in as little as two weeks. It usually takes 60-120 days for traditional buyers so this process saves time. Once you find a potential buyer who offers the price you want, all paperwork is done through your attorney's office which means there are fewer steps in the process. Plus, many people worry about making an offer without having inspected their new property first--with cash purchases there is no need to concern yourself with worries of inspections because everything has already been checked out by professionals before they even contacted you."

"You should contact us for more information on how to sell your house quickly with no fuss."

Realtor VS Investors

This process is fast and easy, saving time due to the shorter than a normal number of steps required. Plus, you don't have to worry about inspections because everything has been checked out by professionals before they even contacted you!

Contact our office today at (858)302-8913 if you're interested in selling your property without any fuss or long waiting periods or having fees like brokers' commissions or home inspections. You could be living comfortably in a new place within only two weeks!

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